Bernat Alize Blanket – EZ

This past week Yarnspirations and Joann Fabrics came out with new Bernat Blanket yarn. You know I love this yarn but when I heard about it, I wasn’t very interested. It is looped and you use your fingers to make things with it. I started seeing different projects coming up in my Facebook feed and since I was going to be going by a Joann’s Saturday afternoon …. I decided to buy a skein. You can make a cowl with one skein. The yarn is Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ and it is $11.99.  I find that expensive so I was glad I had a 50% off coupon otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bought it.  The picture I have doesn’t show the loops very well.  I made the criss-cross cowl.  The pattern is on the Yarnspirations website here. I would suggest starting out with a simpler pattern.  I couldn’t figure out the pattern so I was grateful that Mikey at The Crochet Crowd had a video for this pattern.  His video is here. The cowl worked up in an evening.  I watch a Facebook video later that Mikey had posted.  He said his first project took a long time but the next time he used the yarn it went a lot faster.  In that video he also showed how you can end off.  You can cut the middle of the loop and get a straight piece of yarn. Just be careful that you are cutting the connection at the base of the loop.  That was very helpful for me as I used that to put my cowl together instead of the pattern instructions. I did have 3 loops in my skein that were deformed. I still was able to make it work.  This cowl is super soft and I am looking forward to using it in a few months.  Suzy helped me most of the time.



I saw this pattern and couldn’t wait to make it.  The pattern is free by RepeatCrafterMe and you can get it here.

The pattern uses Bernat Beyond. I didn’t have that yarn and used Bernat Home Dec yarn.  I thought it used the Home Dec yarn so I obviously skimmed that part of the pattern!  It still turned out nice just not fuzzy. The yarn I used is tubular and doesn’t have any fuzz.

I few things I noticed on the pattern: Head – Rnd 15. At the end, fasten off.  Nose: She doesn’t include the color. Rnd 1 I had 9 sc.

This was a fun basket and a unique twist to have the Koala attached to it.

Stash Bustin’

I have been trying to stash bust my yarn and not buy any more yarn (I have failed.) BUT here are some patterns I have made.  The camera was fun to make. I used it to attach to my bag on the crochet cruise so I knew which bag was mine.  The pattern is called Camera Buddy and you can find it here. The pattern was fun and quick and is also free.

The next one I made is a doll blanket.  The pattern is free and here. It is by Julie Bolduc and called Shell Stitch Doll Blanket. I used a small skein of Red Heart that I had on hand. I like how the variegated yarn worked up. The pattern had a border but I didn’t think I needed it. I didn’t have a doll handy so my nutcracker modeled the blanket for me.

I have a ton of cotton yarn so I made another dishcloth and a swiffer cover.  The dishcloth pattern has turned out to be one of my favorite. It is called Primrose Discloth pattern by Dabbles & Babbles. It is free here. I liked the stitch combination to make this dishcloth.

The mop cover (or swiffer cover) is from Happily Hooked.  I had a subscription to Happily Hooked for awhile.  You can find the pattern here on ravelry in an ebook that you can purchase or through the Happily Hooked website. I had wanted to make one of these for awhile. I am looking forward to trying it out. It worked up really fast.


Christmas in July

A couple of Facebook groups are doing Christmas in July.  It is hard to think of snow when it is in the 90’s out. The snowman is called Sparkles and  is part of one of the Christmas in July groups. He is actually pretty tall. The snowman is made of two pieces stitched together instead of working in the round like many snowman are.  I really like this pattern and how it turned out. The white is Vanna’s Choice and the shirt and hat are out of Red Heart yarn called Real Teal (it was in my stash and I think discontinued.)  The pattern is free on here or you can purchase a pdf on Ravelry.

The placemats are from a Herrschners kit.  I bought two kits a year or two ago. Each kit made two placemats.  I struggle with making things more than once.  I like to make one thing and move on to the next thing.  I had a mental challenge to complete these.  I felt like the first two TOOK FOREVER. They really didn’t.  It was just my attitude. I picked this project up the other week and quickly got the other two done.  I don’t see that these kits are still available which is too bad.  They included plenty of yarn in the kits. I have used some kits that have poor quality materials and/or not enough.  These are the second kits I have purchased from Herrschners. In my experience, they are worth buying.

Now to pack these away and enjoy the warm weather.


I made a couple of bags designed by The Crochet Crowd.  The green one is called Jester’s Bag of Square Tricks. The pattern is free and you can find it here.  It is made out of Bernat Make Home Dec yarn. The yarn is different to use. I don’t have  a good picture of the bag but it closes with a draw string and has a strap. The bag is a nice size. I have been using it for carrying my WIP’s around. The pattern was easy to follow and fun to do.

The striped bag is called Chevron One Big Cake Bag. It is also free and you can find it here.  I have been wanting to make this bag since the winter. I had made a cardigan out of Caron Big Cakes and fell in love with the yarn.  I ended up buying just one cake of this color combination on clearance and searched to find a pattern for it.  I was excited to find this bag as I love chevron’s.  I just finished this bag last night and can’t wait to use it.  There were a few issues with the pattern.  I had more stitches after Rnd 11 than the pattern.  Rnd 12 is when you start the chevron.  I just adjusted the pattern to make the valley happen in the center of each side.  I also adjusted the repeats by one so I ended on Rnd 13 as then the next round made sense.  I was reading that someone else stopped the bottom bag repeat at Rnd 10 and then the bag worked out.  I think you still need to adjust the repeats when doing the chevron.  The one thing nice about the bag is you can adjust as needed and make the bag your own.  I can’t wait to start using this bag. I am tossing around the idea of adding a lining.  The Crochet Crowd just came out with a video on making a lining for a bag.  You can find it here.


I really enjoy felting and I hadn’t done it in awhile.  The basket with the handles, was a gift for my sister.  I felted it using a top-loading washing machine. I found this is the best  method as it has the agitator and is easy to check on as it is in a cycle.  I would stop it before the spin and rinse and start it over again to get it fully felted. I like the felting to continue until it looks like a solid piece of fabric.  Unfortunately, I have misplaced the pattern but as you can see, Jet liked it.  He tried to fit in it.  I rescued the basket before he got too far.

The small basket with green outlining was felted in a front-loading washing machine. I found this method didn’t felt as well and harder to stop during the process.  If you look closely you can still see the stitches.  Since I now own a front-loading washing machine, I will have to do my felting at my mom’s. 🙂 The pattern is in Simply Crochet magazine #54. This is  a magazine from the UK so their crocheting terms are different.


Found a couple of cute owl patterns out of blanket yarn. They are by Repeat Crafter Me. I like the fact that they are smaller projects and a way to use up my left over blanket yarn.

The small one is found here. She used an orange triangle button for the nose but I could not find them..  I found some heart buttons that I thought worked well. She also used a J hook but I used a size larger, K hook.  Blanket yarn is thicker so it is hard for me to use a smaller hook.  I made the owl body with 12 rounds instead of 14. The pattern had you sew everything on before stuffing.  My wings got too far back. It works easier for the to sew those on after stuffing.

I really like how the owl with the heart turned out. It is one of my favorites. Her pattern is here. I also used a K hook instead of a J hook for this one. After Round 6 you do not turn as it states in the pattern.  I had to make the body 20 rounds so the eyes would not cover the heart.

I love finding patterns to use blanket yarn. Repeat Crafter Me’s blog is a great resource to find patterns.  I have three more of hers coming.