Bernat Alize Blanket – EZ

This past week Yarnspirations and Joann Fabrics came out with new Bernat Blanket yarn. You know I love this yarn but when I heard about it, I wasn’t very interested. It is looped and you use your fingers to make things with it. I started seeing different projects coming up in my Facebook feed and since I was going to be going by a Joann’s Saturday afternoon …. I decided to buy a skein. You can make a cowl with one skein. The yarn is Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ and it is $11.99.  I find that expensive so I was glad I had a 50% off coupon otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bought it.  The picture I have doesn’t show the loops very well.  I made the criss-cross cowl.  The pattern is on the Yarnspirations website here. I would suggest starting out with a simpler pattern.  I couldn’t figure out the pattern so I was grateful that Mikey at The Crochet Crowd had a video for this pattern.  His video is here. The cowl worked up in an evening.  I watch a Facebook video later that Mikey had posted.  He said his first project took a long time but the next time he used the yarn it went a lot faster.  In that video he also showed how you can end off.  You can cut the middle of the loop and get a straight piece of yarn. Just be careful that you are cutting the connection at the base of the loop.  That was very helpful for me as I used that to put my cowl together instead of the pattern instructions. I did have 3 loops in my skein that were deformed. I still was able to make it work.  This cowl is super soft and I am looking forward to using it in a few months.  Suzy helped me most of the time.