I saw this pattern and couldn’t wait to make it.  The pattern is free by RepeatCrafterMe and you can get it here.

The pattern uses Bernat Beyond. I didn’t have that yarn and used Bernat Home Dec yarn.  I thought it used the Home Dec yarn so I obviously skimmed that part of the pattern!  It still turned out nice just not fuzzy. The yarn I used is tubular and doesn’t have any fuzz.

I few things I noticed on the pattern: Head – Rnd 15. At the end, fasten off.  Nose: She doesn’t include the color. Rnd 1 I had 9 sc.

This was a fun basket and a unique twist to have the Koala attached to it.


I really enjoy felting and I hadn’t done it in awhile.  The basket with the handles, was a gift for my sister.  I felted it using a top-loading washing machine. I found this is the best  method as it has the agitator and is easy to check on as it is in a cycle.  I would stop it before the spin and rinse and start it over again to get it fully felted. I like the felting to continue until it looks like a solid piece of fabric.  Unfortunately, I have misplaced the pattern but as you can see, Jet liked it.  He tried to fit in it.  I rescued the basket before he got too far.

The small basket with green outlining was felted in a front-loading washing machine. I found this method didn’t felt as well and harder to stop during the process.  If you look closely you can still see the stitches.  Since I now own a front-loading washing machine, I will have to do my felting at my mom’s. 🙂 The pattern is in Simply Crochet magazine #54. This is  a magazine from the UK so their crocheting terms are different.


A couple of years ago I bought some Red Heart Strata yarn to make the 4-color spiked basket. I JUST got around to making it.  I love this yarn but unfortunately they already discontinued it. That is so frustrating and happens often.  Even though this yarn is discontinued, there are other jersey knit yarns out there. One that is comparable is Bernat Maker Home Dec by yarnspirations.

The 4-color spiked basket is called Himalayan Basket by pattern-paradise.com. You can find the free pattern here.  The pattern was well-written and it worked up fast.

Since the yarn was discontinued, I wanted to use up the extra’s from making the Himalayan Basket.  I found a simple free pattern called Modern Nesting Baskets by Jennifer Dickerson. The pattern is here. I had fun mixing up the colors and sizes. I really like these baskets, especially the smaller ones.