This was a fun bunny to make. I liked it because it was not your typical looking bunny. The pattern was easy to follow and it was easy to sew together. I had issues getting the feet on right.  I ended up redoing the feet attachment. The first attachment had the bunny falling over.  I can’t decide if I should keep the bunny or give it as a gift … He seems to like to watch me from wherever he is sitting. 🙂

The pattern is from a Simply Crochet magazine.  It is in UK terms.  I do like the magazine but I eventually canceled my subscription and got a refund for my remaining issues.  The company that was managing the US distribution was not good.  I wouldn’t get every issue and many issues arrived 1-2 months late. I got tired of tracking my issues.  I have decided to buy the magazine one at a time to prevent that frustration.

Kitty Rug


I started this rug in the fall. I bought the pattern but I can’t remember why I wanted to make it :).  It worked up pretty fast as it uses three strands of yarn. I used Red Heart brand. I don’t like putting things together so I had to psych myself up to do it. It was easy to put together just cumbersome because of the size. The pattern is worth the purchase. It is very well written, has clear instructions and corresponding pictures included. The pattern is by Ira Rott. It is called Sassy the Kitty Cat. You can find the pattern here.


In December I got a few projects crocheted and I spent New Years weekend getting them finished off. I will post a few of them at a time 🙂

The mustard color Malia infinity scarf was a lot of fun to make. The pattern is worked in rows and gives you a fun looking stitch. You sc in the 3rd loop of the hdc to get the top of the stitch to pop forward. I used Vanna’s Choice yarn. It was a little thicker than the yarn used by the designer. I used 3 skeins and did not do the last repeat of the pattern. I was at 6.5″ wide like the pattern called for. I also had just enough yarn to make the fringe. The buttons are decorative and sewed on to both ends to form the circle. The designer is Rebecca at Little Monkeys Crochet and she made a lot of patterns with this stitch. I look forward to making more. The pattern was free. You can see her patterns in this stitch here.

A friend gave me 3 skeins of Yarn Bee Fireside yarn. I have never used this yarn before and it isn’t one I would have chosen. It is a wavy yarn and typically that yarn is hard to crochet with. I found a Convertible Cowl pattern that used the same weight yarn so I thought I would try it. The first one ended up big but my niece really liked it. It can be yarn as a shawl and not just a cowl.  I had enough yarn left over so I tried to make her one that is smaller. I am sending it to her so I have to wait to see if it fits. If it doesn’t, I will make her one out of the recommended yarn. The pattern is called Cityscape Convertible Cowl by Lorene Eppolite. I found her pattern in an issue of Happily Hooked but you can find it on ravelry here.

I had about 1/2 a skein left of the Yarn Bee Fireside yarn so I found a messy bun hat to make with it. I love messy bun hats since I usually have my hair up in a pony tail. With the cold Minnesota winter, I like being able to kick throw on a messy bun hat and not have to take my pony tail out. This had worked up quickly and is another favorite pattern for me. You can find the pattern here. It is by She’s Crafty Crochet. My hat doesn’t look like hers because of the yarn being multi-colored and wavy.




I joined a few more Crochet-Alongs. The bunny with the antler headband is called Christopher the Bunny. The designer is LittleAquaGirl. Her Esty shop is here.  For $5 a month, amigurumipatterns.net is hosting CAL’s. I decided to try it. The pattern was very well written. There was a lot of pictures which helps when sewing the bunny together. There is a forum where the designer is active. This comes in handy if there are questions regarding the pattern. I probably won’t keep this subscription as $5 a month adds up and I already have a lot of patterns I want to make. My payment for December already processed, so I will be doing it for one more month at least 🙂

The mitten was super fun and fast to make. It is designed to be a gift holder but I plan on using it as a decoration. I can see making more of them. There are so many color combinations. This was hosted by Happily Hooked Magazine. I have an annual subscription to the magazine. The pattern was also well written. You can get the pattern on Ravelry here (you do not need to have the magazine.) The designer is Sonya Blackstone.


For some reason these two snowmen took me awhile to finish.. They aren’t very big but they had accessories to be made and buttons to attach. I don’t always enjoy making things with lots of pieces so I think I was procrastinating some.

I fell in love with the pink scarf one. Although the pom pom on his hat caused me a lot of problems. I have made pom poms in the past with no issues. This time I tried 4 times and they kept falling apart. I gave up and found a store made one in my stash. I just added some glue and it is staying in place with no problem. He has joined my Christmas decor.  That pattern came from a Happily Hooked magazine. I have an annual subscription to the on-line version of the magazine.  I go back and forth as to if I will continue my subscription. You can get the issue on Ravelry here or on their website http://www.happilyhooked.com. It is in Happily Hooked Magazine #43 October 2017.

The snowman with the ear muffs was also fun to make. His nose ended up reminding me of Pinocchio.  This pattern is out of the book Amigurumi Winter Wonderland. You can find it here on Amazon.

Christmas Trees

I made a few Christmas trees from free patterns. My favorite is the cream one. It worked up really quickly. The pattern had some mistakes but easy to catch and adjust. The pattern is here.

The red, green and white striped one my mom confiscated. It is written in UK terms. It still needs a little tlc in shaping and the ribbon trimmed up. The pattern is here.

The other one with the face was fun to make. I had one with a pink base that my sister wanted. It was quick and fun to do. I think the face adds a lot of character (but there are some people that don’t like faces on inanimate objects 🙂 ) The pattern can be found here.