I tried a few new pumpkin patterns since it is now Fall (my favorite time of year.)

The orange one is from a pattern called Lil Dollop Pumpkins.  It is free here. It is by Maria’s Blue Crayon. I used some old orange yarn I had that wasn’t very pliable.  I also ran out of it so I finished with a different shade.  I made the medium size. It is worked in a rectangle and then the ends are sewn together.  I like the texture of it and will make more with a softer yarn.

The two small pumpkins are crocheted but they are done to make them look knit. They are made with slip stitches. Even though they are small, they take some time since using the slip stitch doesn’t build the pattern very fast. The pattern is also free here.  The pattern is by Malloo knits.

The last one is called Spiral Pumpkin. It is free here.  It is designed by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts.  She used the new Caron X Pantone yarn by Yarnspirations. The yarn comes in a skein with 5 different colors looped togehter (they are separate mini skeins). Each set is $8 so a little spendy. I bought mine with a 50% off coupon at Michael’s. The yarn is amazing. It is so soft and nice to work with.  I ended up running short of my cream otherwise the pattern worked up great.  There are lots of color combinations that would be fun to do.

Yarn Scraps

I hate throwing things away. I ended up with yarn that wasn’t long enough for any projects. I decided to crochet cat beds for my mom’s cats. I had chunky yarn in my scraps so I used a 9mm hook. I doubled up my worsted weight yarn to keep the same thickness.  As you can see in the pictures, Buddy approves of the first one. The other one I need to make a little bigger for Kita to have. As you can see below, my cats prefer to sleep on tissue paper.


Subscription boxes

I love subscription boxes. It is fun getting that box of unknown goodies in the mail. I have tried a variety of them and was very excited when I found some yarn ones to try.

A couple of years ago, I joined a group from Fresh Stitches. You received the supplies for an exclusive pattern and sometimes an extra goody. I tried it for 3 months and then canceled. It seemed too expensive for what you got. You also had to login to a password protected area (that changed every month) to get that exclusive pattern. I would have rather had it included in the box.  I believe she has changed how she runs this group now. It is called Ami Club. Her website is: https://freshstitches.com/

This past spring I tried one called Happy Yarn Mail. I again tried it for 3 months but canceled as I felt it was too expensive for what you got. You received a hard copy of  the pattern, the supplies for the pattern and en extra surprise. One time it was a plastic water bottle with crochet printed on it and then it was a note book with crochet on it. I can’t remember the 3rd item.

The next one I tried is by Knit Crate. They have a Crochet Crate box. I like this box. You get a choice of a beginner or intermediate pattern that you get online but it is stored in your ravelry account. The yarn you get is nice yarn. More expensive yarn that I don’t tend to buy. That is fun to get that and try it.  This box also has a treat in it. The first box had a key ring with shortened crochet hooks attached to it. The second box had Halloween stitch markers. As much as I really like this box, I am planning on canceling it. It is about $45 per month.

My favorite box is Little Box of Crochet from the UK. It is about $33 per month depending on currency rate conversions. You get some fun yarn and a few gifts. This was my first month. There was a crochet hook, needle, stitch marker, yarn, pattern and a separate craft. I will keep doing this one to see what comes in some future boxes. I feel that cost is fair for what you get.


First blog post

I have never blogged before. I am stumbling around the site and saw that the first blog I did didn’t replace the default blog post. I decided to modify it! The picture is an afghan I made this year. Creative Crochet did a CAL making a square a week. We started in January and it ended in August with crocheting the squares together and doing a border. I am pleased with it. I used Red Heart Soft yarn. It has a nice sheen to it. I personally don’t like soft yarn as I like to use stiffer yarn. I struggle with the soft yarn splitting as I use it.