Using up yarn

The other week I finished a couple projects using up stash yarn.

The rug is from a pattern in Crochet World October 2017.  It is called Fall Colors Rug.  The pattern used 3 strands of worsted weight yarn. I used one strand of worsted weight yarn and one strand (the white) of Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn that is a 5 weight. That yarn is a bushed yarn that I usually don’t like working with but when I paired it with a worsted weight yarn, it was ‘smooth’ to use. Very fast to make.  I can always use another rug around the house!

The blue and gray dress is for a child. It is called Crochet Child’s Tube Dress and it was free from Red Heart. I have no idea when I printed it but I can’t seem to find the pattern online.  The pattern doesn’t say the size of girl it fits either. Probably a 2 or 3 year old.  It was quick and fun.

Stash Bustin’

I have been trying to stash bust my yarn and not buy any more yarn (I have failed.) BUT here are some patterns I have made.  The camera was fun to make. I used it to attach to my bag on the crochet cruise so I knew which bag was mine.  The pattern is called Camera Buddy and you can find it here. The pattern was fun and quick and is also free.

The next one I made is a doll blanket.  The pattern is free and here. It is by Julie Bolduc and called Shell Stitch Doll Blanket. I used a small skein of Red Heart that I had on hand. I like how the variegated yarn worked up. The pattern had a border but I didn’t think I needed it. I didn’t have a doll handy so my nutcracker modeled the blanket for me.

I have a ton of cotton yarn so I made another dishcloth and a swiffer cover.  The dishcloth pattern has turned out to be one of my favorite. It is called Primrose Discloth pattern by Dabbles & Babbles. It is free here. I liked the stitch combination to make this dishcloth.

The mop cover (or swiffer cover) is from Happily Hooked.  I had a subscription to Happily Hooked for awhile.  You can find the pattern here on ravelry in an ebook that you can purchase or through the Happily Hooked website. I had wanted to make one of these for awhile. I am looking forward to trying it out. It worked up really fast.


Cell phone holder

I met Jeanne Steinhilber on the crochet cruise. She is so easy to get to know and fun to crochet with.  She is part of The Crochet Crowd.  She has been designing patterns in the Hugs & Kisses line. This cell phone holder works up really fast. It is so handy! I have found many times to use it. My hands are free and I don’t have to carry a purse. You can find the free pattern here.

Yarn Scraps

I hate throwing things away. I ended up with yarn that wasn’t long enough for any projects. I decided to crochet cat beds for my mom’s cats. I had chunky yarn in my scraps so I used a 9mm hook. I doubled up my worsted weight yarn to keep the same thickness.  As you can see in the pictures, Buddy approves of the first one. The other one I need to make a little bigger for Kita to have. As you can see below, my cats prefer to sleep on tissue paper.