Using up yarn

The other week I finished a couple projects using up stash yarn.

The rug is from a pattern in Crochet World October 2017.  It is called Fall Colors Rug.  The pattern used 3 strands of worsted weight yarn. I used one strand of worsted weight yarn and one strand (the white) of Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn that is a 5 weight. That yarn is a bushed yarn that I usually don’t like working with but when I paired it with a worsted weight yarn, it was ‘smooth’ to use. Very fast to make.  I can always use another rug around the house!

The blue and gray dress is for a child. It is called Crochet Child’s Tube Dress and it was free from Red Heart. I have no idea when I printed it but I can’t seem to find the pattern online.  The pattern doesn’t say the size of girl it fits either. Probably a 2 or 3 year old.  It was quick and fun.

Kitty Rug


I started this rug in the fall. I bought the pattern but I can’t remember why I wanted to make it :).  It worked up pretty fast as it uses three strands of yarn. I used Red Heart brand. I don’t like putting things together so I had to psych myself up to do it. It was easy to put together just cumbersome because of the size. The pattern is worth the purchase. It is very well written, has clear instructions and corresponding pictures included. The pattern is by Ira Rott. It is called Sassy the Kitty Cat. You can find the pattern here.