I really enjoy felting and I hadn’t done it in awhile.  The basket with the handles, was a gift for my sister.  I felted it using a top-loading washing machine. I found this is the best  method as it has the agitator and is easy to check on as it is in a cycle.  I would stop it before the spin and rinse and start it over again to get it fully felted. I like the felting to continue until it looks like a solid piece of fabric.  Unfortunately, I have misplaced the pattern but as you can see, Jet liked it.  He tried to fit in it.  I rescued the basket before he got too far.

The small basket with green outlining was felted in a front-loading washing machine. I found this method didn’t felt as well and harder to stop during the process.  If you look closely you can still see the stitches.  Since I now own a front-loading washing machine, I will have to do my felting at my mom’s. 🙂 The pattern is in Simply Crochet magazine #54. This is  a magazine from the UK so their crocheting terms are different.