Blanket yarn again!

In August I finished a couple of more projects out of Bernat Blanket yarn.  When I saw the Eagle pattern, I had to buy it. It was so cute! The pattern actually uses 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together so it is more ‘squatty’ then mine. I wanted to make it out of blanket yarn. I used a smaller crochet hook to get a tighter stitch. That made it harder and took me longer as my wrist got sore. I used a K hook.  Since I used different yarn than the pattern, I was careful as I made the pieces to make sure it looked ok.  I love how he turned out. The pattern is Spirit the Eagle Stuffie by Snappy Tots. You can purchase it on Ravelry here.

The teddy bear is made out of Bernat Blanket Tiny yarn.  I am not a fan of this yarn as it is hard to see the stitches because of the thinness of the yarn.  I had the red that I wanted to use up. I couldn’t return it because I had tried a few projects with it. I found this teddy bear pattern and decided to make it. It worked up pretty easily. I will probably make one or two more to use up the yarn.  I saw someone else use the plastic eyes and nose and liked how they turned out. The pattern has you stitch on the face and that doesn’t always go well for me.  The pattern is by Yarnspirations here.

Bernat Blanket Stripes

As you know I love Bernat Blanket yarn. Sarah at RepeatCrafterMe posted an afghan pattern using the blanket stripes. I loved the stitch and how the changes in colors looked like steps.  You can find the free pattern here.

I mentally have a hard time making afghans. They take time to start and then you work on it and don’t seem to see progress.  Then, all of a sudden, the end is in sight! This past week I finally saw the end of this afghan and was very motivated to finish it.  The pattern uses an I hook which is a little small for the thickness of the yarn.  I had to work on it slowly because of that as my wrist got sore.  I ended up using 5 cakes of By The Sea stripes. I had some left over to make the tassels on it.

I loved the color combinations and did enjoy making it. Now to get my other WIP’s finished.

Blanket Yarn

Sarah at RepeatCrafterMe always has fun patterns for Bernat Blanket Yarn. Recently I made a giant crochet hook (pattern here) and a jellyfish (pattern).

Jellyfish seem to becoming popular (at least in the crochet realm). This guy was so fun to make. The tentacles were so easy. You tie them on the bottom and then whipstitch the bottom to the top – so easy! The crochet hook posed more problems for me. I had a hard time understanding her instructions for the hook but I made it work somehow.

Bernat Alize Blanket – EZ

This past week Yarnspirations and Joann Fabrics came out with new Bernat Blanket yarn. You know I love this yarn but when I heard about it, I wasn’t very interested. It is looped and you use your fingers to make things with it. I started seeing different projects coming up in my Facebook feed and since I was going to be going by a Joann’s Saturday afternoon …. I decided to buy a skein. You can make a cowl with one skein. The yarn is Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ and it is $11.99.  I find that expensive so I was glad I had a 50% off coupon otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bought it.  The picture I have doesn’t show the loops very well.  I made the criss-cross cowl.  The pattern is on the Yarnspirations website here. I would suggest starting out with a simpler pattern.  I couldn’t figure out the pattern so I was grateful that Mikey at The Crochet Crowd had a video for this pattern.  His video is here. The cowl worked up in an evening.  I watch a Facebook video later that Mikey had posted.  He said his first project took a long time but the next time he used the yarn it went a lot faster.  In that video he also showed how you can end off.  You can cut the middle of the loop and get a straight piece of yarn. Just be careful that you are cutting the connection at the base of the loop.  That was very helpful for me as I used that to put my cowl together instead of the pattern instructions. I did have 3 loops in my skein that were deformed. I still was able to make it work.  This cowl is super soft and I am looking forward to using it in a few months.  Suzy helped me most of the time.



Found a couple of cute owl patterns out of blanket yarn. They are by Repeat Crafter Me. I like the fact that they are smaller projects and a way to use up my left over blanket yarn.

The small one is found here. She used an orange triangle button for the nose but I could not find them..  I found some heart buttons that I thought worked well. She also used a J hook but I used a size larger, K hook.  Blanket yarn is thicker so it is hard for me to use a smaller hook.  I made the owl body with 12 rounds instead of 14. The pattern had you sew everything on before stuffing.  My wings got too far back. It works easier for the to sew those on after stuffing.

I really like how the owl with the heart turned out. It is one of my favorites. Her pattern is here. I also used a K hook instead of a J hook for this one. After Round 6 you do not turn as it states in the pattern.  I had to make the body 20 rounds so the eyes would not cover the heart.

I love finding patterns to use blanket yarn. Repeat Crafter Me’s blog is a great resource to find patterns.  I have three more of hers coming.


I came across this pattern for a bathmat.  It is called Pretty Puff Bathmat by Stoneface Creations. You can get it for free here. She admits she isn’t a pattern writer. She wrote this pattern out of finding a picture but no pattern to make it.  The pattern is easy to follow but there is one mistake.  Rows 16-52 says to repeat rows 12-14.  You actually need to repeat rows 12-15 to get the pattern to work out and to match where it states you should be at Row 52.  She used Ice yarns. I had never heard of this yarn before I went on the cruise but I decided to use Bernat Blanket yarn since I love the yarn.  I used an L hook instead of a J to accommodate for the difference in thickness of the yarn.  I did not try to match gauge. I made the pattern as written.  My rug turned out to be 38″ x 45 (instead of 24″ x 36″). It is very soft and squishy. Jet approves as you can see.  It used 3.5 skeins of the big ball yarn.  This isn’t a pattern I would make to sell as the puff stitches get hard for my hand with the thick yarn. The yarn is more expensive too so it would be hard to come out ahead when factoring in the time it took.

Squishy blanket

I know it is summer but I love working with Bernat Blanket yarn.  I finished this afghan made from Pumpkin Spice.  The pattern is free from by Jess Coppom. It is called The Snow Drifter Chunky blanket. You can find it here on the Make & Do Crew webiste.

She gives you guidance on how to make various sizes of blankets.  I made one a little bigger than the pattern. I started with ch 112.  I ended up using 4 skeins and continued in length until I used up 4 skeins. It turned out to be a nice size. The pattern is easy to follow and works up fast.