I am the queen of procrastinating. I love crocheting but I don’t enjoy finishing projects.  Over the last week or so I finally finished these purses.  The Malia bag (blue one) I started back in March or April!

The small green one with fringe is called Bonnaroo Babe Boho Bag. It was a Crochet Along in July put on by Salty Pearl Crochet. You can find it here.  The pattern was free during the CAL but now is for sale on Ravelry. For some reason I was confused about how the base of the bag is crocheted. You start out with the flap and crochet right into making the base of the bag.  The pattern is written correctly, my brain just had a hard time picturing it as I was crocheting.   The purse worked up quickly.  I purchased the strap off of Amazon. I used Lion Brand 24/7 cotton.

The Malia Shoulder bag (light blue and white tote) was a CAL in the spring.  This pattern also used Lion Brand 24/7 cotton. It uses a smaller hook to make a tighter stitch. I really liked the pattern and how it worked up but I had to work on it in small installments as my hand got sore from the tight stitches and the stiffer yarn. The pattern is by Yarn Chai. You can find it on her blog here for free. I love how it turned out. Some of the people participating in the CAL made multiple bags. Not sure how they did it. She has really good instructions on sewing the base together to give you a structured bottom. She also gives good instructions on using grommets. It was my first time using grommets and I can see these coming in very handy for future projects.  I purchased some rope at Hobby Lobby to use for the straps.  My only issue with my straps is that they are more of an off-white and the yarn is a bright white.  I guess I have some OCD issues with it.

I have wanted to make the orange bag since I first saw the pattern. The bag is called Rover Circle Bag and is by Taylor Lynn Crochet. The pattern was posted for free on sewrella.com. (Quick note – her website tends to bog down my computer as there are lots of ads and pop-ups.) It took me awhile to find the yarn.  The yarn is Bernat Maker Big and I finally stumbled across it in JoAnn’s.  The bag works up super fast and has a nice stitch to give the bag a little dimension on the last round.  The yarn is interesting.  You don’t want to pull too tight as it is a fabric casing around nylon.  I found that the yellow color showed through so I tried to not pull the yarn tight and work with it loosely. The yarn did have a hard spot of the nylon stuck together like a rock.  I cut that part out and continued with the purse.  The purse did not use up the full skein of yarn.  I enjoyed making it but I don’t know what I would use the yarn for going forward.  I don’t think I would by it again. I purchased the strap at JoAnn’s.

The last bag is called Street Fair Crochet Boho Purse. It is free by MakeAndDoCrew.com. (There are lots of pop-ups here too.) This bag also used the Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn but it was doubled up.  This worked up quickly too.  The pattern is well written with photos included. If you prefer to use diagrams, you can purchase a pdf pattern.  I didn’t crochet the strap as I had a little problem understanding the instructions.  I also decided I liked the look of a purchased strap for it. I bought the strap off of Amazon.

So I am set with new purses for awhile. Which one to use first…


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