More Cruise Crocheting.


We received a pattern book on the cruise.  All of the patterns will be free on The Crochet Crowd website in a month or so.  I was able to be in a group of helpers so I received the patterns before the cruise.  I made almost all of them before the cruise.  I really enjoyed helping other crocheters out during the cruise.  Some were so happy to try new techniques and realize they could do things they never thought they would be able to crochet.


Diva Dan created the Alaskan Fjord Cowl.  I used Bernat Blanket yarn in light green and gray in my sample.  It is so soft! This is a fun pattern. It uses a version of a link crochet stitch. You end up working thicker rows across. The pattern is available here.


Jeanne created the Hugs & Kisses Headwarmer. She has quite a few patterns in the Hugs & Kisses line. The headband works up fast and is very cute to wear, I used a teal color in worsted weight yarn.  The pattern is available here.


Donna designed the Tidewater Shawl. The pattern calls for Patons Grace. I didn’t have that so I used MicroSpun yarn in silver. It is the same weight as Patons Grace but ended up being a little thicker. I recommend using the Patons Grace yarn. On the cruise I saw some shawls made out of Grace and they look more delicate. The pattern is not out yet.


Mikey designed the Forget Me Knot Afghan.  I just got one square done. I have been enjoying patterns with texture and this afghan delivers that.  There are so many color combinations you could do. You can find the pattern here.

Jeanne also designed a Hugs & Kisses Tote Bag.  I used a variegated yarn in the recommended brand of Bernat Maker Dec.  It is hard to see the stitch definition when using the variegated yarn.  As you can see in the picture, I haven’t quite finished the handles. I want to add beads to the end of the straps and then I will tie off the long white strands. This pattern hasn’t posted yet.

There was a pattern for an Outdoor Basket using new yarn – Bernat Maker Outdoor.  I didn’t have that for my sample so I used Bernat Home Dec.  As you can see, Jet tries to fit in anything.  I received some of the outdoor yarn on the cruise and I can’t wait to use it.  I didn’t see this pattern available yet.

The pattern book includes  a knit dishcloth (I don’t know how to knit.) Megan had a few crocheters learning to knit. My brain and hands don’t work well with two utensils.

Donna also had graphs related to the Alaskan cruise that you could make into a scarf or an afghan. I didn’t have time to make any of these.


Crocheting to Alaska

Last summer I signed up for a crochet cruise. I was so excited to find this trip. Every once in awhile I would google crochet trips and there isn’t much out there. The Crochet Crowd does these cruises a few times a year. I signed up to go to Alaska. It is hard to commit to a trip like this a year in advance but I am so glad I did.  The Crochet Crowd has a website dedicated to the cruises. You can find it here.

I had so much fun. The scenery in Alaska is breathtaking. I did some fun excursions at each stop. BUT back to the crocheting. I have only done one crochet cruise. This is how this one was laid out.

Friday is the day we left. In the afternoon we met and got our goody bags.  JoAnn Fabrics sponsors the cruise. We do pay an activity fee that covers the cost of the room and some of the items we get. You can see from the above pictures we got a JoAnn bag (that zipped!) full of items and a red bag that had the crochet cruise logo for the Alaska trip on it – also filled! Below is a picture of what I came home with. I traded the Caron Simply Soft skeins for more Bernat Home Dec and Outdoor Home Dec.  I also won a yarn umbrella that I am trying to figure out how to set up.


On Friday evening, we exchanged our squares. We had homework before arriving on the ship. We were to make 4 c2c squares. I hadn’t done these before so I was glad to have a reason to try them. I really like them and they work up fast. I did two with striping yarn and two graphs. The graphs look nice when finished but are a pain to make with all the yarn attached.  I did find I needed to count after each row to make sure I didn’t get off.  Caron One Pound was provided as community yarn.  I used gray and light blue. I bordered each square and then joined them and added more of a border. JoAnn provided fleece for us to back our afghans. I had never done this before and really like the technique. Mikey from The Crochet Crowd has some good video tutorials on YouTube for this.  By the end of the cruise we had close to 200 blankets completed for charity.  The one I did has my one square (the black/gray one) and the rest is from the community.

Sea animals!

The whale is made from Spin A Yarn Crochet’s free pattern. You can find it here.  It was a fun, fast pattern. I like the look it has from crocheting a front and back and single-crocheting them together. The pattern doesn’t give you much guidance on the face placement but she had good photos. I just try the eyes in a few places and then secure them when I am satisfied.

The octopus was also from a free pattern. It is by Sarah Hearn and you can find it on ravelry.  This pattern also worked up fast. I liked how the tentacles were made. She made them off of a circle so it was easy to sew on to the body. Her pattern has a lot of pictures but at the very end the pattern is written out. That is easier for me. I don’t usually need pictures so I like having both options.  As you can see in the last picture, Jet was thinking the octopus was his new toy.


For Mother’s Day, I made a bouquet of flowers out of cotton yarn. The pattern is by Repeat Crafter Me. The pattern is here.  She had the flower stems in a mason jar. The mason jar was actually a zip lock heavy bag. Michaels carried them last year.  I picked some up intending to use them for this project but it didn’t look right. She had a white canvas background and a white frame. I couldn’t find anything like that so I used a wrapped canvas I already had on hand. I had got it on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics a long time ago.  I glued the flowers to the canvas. I think it turned out pretty nice! 🙂

Yarn Scraps

I hate throwing things away. I ended up with yarn that wasn’t long enough for any projects. I decided to crochet cat beds for my mom’s cats. I had chunky yarn in my scraps so I used a 9mm hook. I doubled up my worsted weight yarn to keep the same thickness.  As you can see in the pictures, Buddy approves of the first one. The other one I need to make a little bigger for Kita to have. As you can see below, my cats prefer to sleep on tissue paper.


Bunny Lovey

The other week I was able to test this pattern for a bunny lovey. I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn for the bunny and some mill-end yarn I had on hand for the blanket. The pattern is free and by Victoria Stewart. Her business is called “Once Upon a Hook.”  I really like her designs and am excited to become a tester for her designs. I love crocheting and have a passion for well-written patterns. I have no desire to design so I like being able to contribute as a tester.  You can find her pattern here. You will not be disappointed with her patterns. They are well-written with really good pictures.  You can check out her other patterns on ravelry here.


Blooming Petals Poncho

I had joined Fun With Furls CAL in March. Each month they host two (usually something to wear and amigurumi). I liked this pattern and had some comparable yarn in my stash to use. I am trying to not buy yarn (not easy!) I used Patons Shetlund Chunky Tweeds yarn. This yarn was fun to work with. The pattern is easy and works up fast. You can find the pattern here. Just look for the pattern called Blooming Petals Poncho by Lorene Eppolite. While you are there you can see other patterns they have for free.

I bought a hand held steamer to help block my crochet projects. This one by Conair works well. I got it off of Amazon. I also bought a bust to put my crochet clothes on since I am making more clothes. I found one off of ebay. It displays my crocheting and I can steam my projects on it. Unfortunately, I don’t look good in ponchos so I won’t model it for you!